Adam Philip Shand Crick (1957-2016)

Adam Crick’s friends and admirers in Essex will be sad to learn that he died peacefully after a long illness on Wednesday 2 March 2016. Those who enjoyed his performance in Great Totham on 1 November 2014 will never forget it, and we were honoured that he wrote and delivered a poem especially for the occasion. In many respects he was a worthy successor to Charles Clark, and in some Essex circles he was known as The Tiptree Denier, because of his attitude towards Wilkin’s jam.


Adam was a frequent visitor to Great Totham, often on the way to or from Sixpenny Handley in Dorset, where he lived, to Aldeburgh, where he was a regular at the Literary Festival. He had been President of the Do-Nothing Society (motto: Omne Vivum ex Ovo) since its inauguration in 1973, but in spite of that found time to teach English at Tonbridge School, 1984-7, and at his alma mater, Winchester College, 1990-92. As well as being a first-class shot, representing his school at Bisley, he had also successfully completed the FGASA venomous snake handling course in South Africa, and was gazetted Pilot Officer in the RAF Volunteer Reserve (Training Branch) in 1985. He was also co-editor of the satirical magazine Heap, 1975. He will be much missed by his many friends, former pupils, grateful godchildren, and the independent booksellers of Dorset and Suffolk.



  1. Mr Crick taught me English at Winchester in 1991. I remember him as a wonderful kind man who left me with a life long love of literature. RIP.

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